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I'm trying to access my account in the New Smart Portal.

If you are a current NEWITY member, you'll need to reset your password and verify some info before gaining access to your account.

At NEWITY, we have invested a lot of time and energy into developing an all-new Smart Portal for our members that increases security and provides more flexibility to manage your loans. 

First time Visiting Smart Portal 2.0?

If you're a current member and having trouble accessing your account in the new Smart Portal, please follow these steps to gain access. 

  1. Visit https://portal.newitymarket.com and click "Reset your Password"
  2. Enter the email address that is associated to your NEWITY account to receive the password reset email.
    1. Create a new password that meets the listed criteria
  3. Secure your account with multi-factor authentication using the Auth0 Guardian app, Google Authenticator, SMS or a security key (You must select one.)
  4. NEW FEATURE! - Save your Security Code in a safe place. This code is critical to accessing your account if you do not have access to your authentication device.
  5. NEW FEATURE! - Save your Device for faster access in the future. Do not do this if you are using a publicly accessible device. 
  6. Complete your sign in process by verifying your email address

Once you have access to the Smart Portal, you will be presented with a registration page asking you to confirm your business information. Please review this section carefully. If you have multiple businesses, you will be able to confirm their information in a little bit.

Be advised - If you do not recognize any of the business information please contact member services immediately.

Once you are finished verifying the business information, you're directed to the Smart Portal Dashboard where you can manage your PPP loans, apply for a 7a loan, and shop exclusive offers from our service partners. 

If you'd like to learn all about our new Smart Portal, visit our user guide section located in Member Resources.