I’m having an issue with the e-sign of my PPP Forgiveness application, or I have not received it at all

We will have sent you Form 3508 to e-sign via DocuSign.

If you were unable to locate the email for e-signature, please try the following troubleshooting items in this order to ensure you receive your application for e-signature from DocuSign via dse_NA4@docusign.net.

  1. Allow the file some time for delivery. It can take a few hours for e-mail filters to deliver messages from addresses unfamiliar to your network.
  2. Double check that the approved signatory’s Email address is correct on the application and has no typo errors to ensure the e-signature application has been sent properly.
    1. Please note, this is the only e-mail address that will receive the e-sign e-mail.
    2. If you determine the address you entered in the system is incorrect, please reach out to your Verifier to have this updated. Note, Member Services cannot make these updates for you, you must work with your Verifier to correct.
  3. Check Spam / Junk folder of the e-mail address indicated in #1 above.
  4. If #1 and #2 do not correct this issue, you may need to contact your IT department if your organization uses a firewall.

Please continue to monitor the status of your PPP loan application by logging into the portal by clicking HERE and clicking the green “Launch Portal” button below “The Loan Forgiveness Portal”.

If these adjustments do not resolve the issue, please contact our Member Support team for further assistance.