NEWITY owns my PPP loan and I do not see a button to "Launch Forgiveness"

Are you having some difficulty locating the green 'Go to Forgiveness Portal' button on your Smart Portal dashboard? We have some troubleshooting tips for you! 

If you are having issues locating your forgiveness portal button please try the following troubleshooting tip. 

Please click on the small, lime green arrow (^) to the left of your PPP Loan's number on your Smart Portal Dashboard -- this will reveal the green 'Go to Forgiveness Portal' button toward the bottom right corner of the panel that opens.

Do not see your loan number on your dashboard? You may not be logged in using the correct primary/secondary email for the account. Please make sure you are logging in using the correct email address.

Please contact our Member Support team for further assistance if you are still not able to locate your "Go to Forgiveness" button.