I have the status 'SBA Approved' on my Forgiveness Application. Can I get confirmation?

If your loan is now in “SBA Approved” status (Forgiveness Application Status Guide and Definitions), you should receive an email in 3-5 business days updating you on the amount of forgiveness you received from the SBA. Note, it can take up to 7 business days for your account balance on the home screen to be updated for the payment from the SBA on your forgiveness. 

If you received an account statement noting a zero balance, this means your loan has been fully forgiven and paid off by the SBA. No further action is required by you on this loan. 

If you received an account statement with a remaining balance, this means your loan was not fully forgiven and you will be required to make monthly payments on the remaining balance for the remaining life of your loan. You also have the option to pay this off in full, if that is of interest please let our Operations team know once they reach out. 

Note, if you are looking for an official statement from SBA on your forgiveness you will need to create an account with the SBA and log in to their system to see the status of your loan. The SBA does not send out emails confirming status.